Jeremy FeeneyHello, I’m Jeremy Feeney, the person behind the website. That’s me on the right.

I want a car buying revolution in Britain. I want to put the buyer into the driving seat, not the seller. The buyer….. that means YOU!

Am I qualified to do this? I’ve now been in this business for 40 years – 40 years of gaining the knowledge and experience that  I bring to the question of sourcing the cars you see on this website, and I hope you consider for purchase.

I started my career in the British retail motor industry in June 1969 as a £9 a week costing clerk for the Ford Main Dealer in Canterbury, Kent. Needless to say it’s a job now done by computers.

I worked in sales ledger and bought ledger accounts, and then in sales administration.

At 21 I became the youngest car salesman Invicta Motors in Kent, a Ford dealer group, had ever employed.

I have tendered, and supplied fleets, to some household names, and to local government.

I have sold Rolls Royces in Brighton, Ka’s in Maidstone, Mini Travellers in Canterbury, Fiats in Gravesend.

I started a vehicle contract hire company of which I became a Director. I have developed a large, integrated vehicle (?) rental business across Kent and Sussex in the late 1980’s for a Main Dealer group of which I was the General Manager.

And I started by present rental business, HireMoreCar in 1997, and founded BuyMoreCar in 2008. BuyMoreCar – the car buying revolution business that’s the subject of this website – is a concept I’ve wanted to launch for many years.

It is my desire to unbundle and reinvent the nearly new car buying process with fixed price cars at transparent prices and stress free purchasing – for those who prefer to buy this way.


We’re in the 21st century. It’s time we had a 21st century way of buying a nearly new car.

Join Jeremy Feeney’s car buying revolution! Let’s put an end to car buying stress! Buy a car from me, and discover just how easy and stress free it is.

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Read my sales philosophy for nearly new car buying and a fixed price car at a trade price with transparent pricing.  I explain why buying should be easier.