Here’s some car shopping advice. To benefit from buying a vehicle at the right price it is crucial that you separate the purchase of your next vehicle from the disposal of your present one. Don’t buy and sell your car at the same time with a single dealer. My car shopping advice is completely contradictory to what the traditional car and van dealer wants you to do and what so many car owners have become used to doing. The emphasis being put on “deal,” the sales person will always talk about cost to change, this being whether you are buying a new, a nearly new car, a used car, or a van.

The important thing is to do the arithmetic yourself if you want to know the cost of changing. Dealers have honed the art of negotiation over the years and will “overallow” on the vehicle you are part exchanging. In other words, you will get a good car deal on the car you are selling at the expense of the not-such-a-good-deal on the car you are buying. The good car deal on your sales side is so that you are tempted to “do another deal” on the vehicle you are buying.

My clear car shopping advice here is do not do this. And I have been in this business for 40 years. The two transactions are in no way linked, nor should they be. Of course adopting this practice removes the emotive motivation which the traditional British retail motor industry requires to fuel the sale.

In today’s world it is very straightforward and inexpensive to get a reasonably accurate valuation on your vehicle. There is some statistical bias in car price guides, which you’ll understand if you read this story. Armed with this, you can make a choice of how you will sell your vehicle. You have the choice of retailing it by selling it through advertising, using an on-line auction, or accepting a trade sale by emailing your vehicle details to a trade purchaser who will agree a price by email based on your accurate description.

If you dispose of your present vehicle before you purchase your next one, you can rent a vehicle in the interim at low cost from

Don’t forget….. the financial savings you are going to make purchasing through are going to be very significant, and for this transaction you are quite firmly in the driving seat. You have total clarity about how much you are paying for your next car or van, because the prices you see are the prices I pay to acquire the vehicle on your behalf. For you, a car at trade price, plus my brokerage fee and delivery charges. The stress free, transparent way of buying a good value car.

And that’s Jeremy Feeney’s car buying revolution!