Fixed Price Cars


We are in the 21st Century and we are still making the second largest purchase we will make in our lifetimes in the same way we did forty years ago when I began my career in the British retail motor industry. The first, of course, is a house – for which we seek and take professional advice from a solicitor!It is time for a change! It is time for a radical change in the way we buy a vehicle. And the change I am going to explain is not simply buying it on the Internet but an opportunity for acquiring a fixed price car – that price being the trade (wholesale) price. Please read on…..THE NEARLY NEW VEHICLEToday it is widely acknowledged that for most of us purchasing a pre-registered (a brand new vehicle with delivery only mileage) or a nearly new car or van (6 months old or more) will represent a huge saving on the brand new list price.  This situation in the market place has developed over the last few years driven by the vehicle manufacturers’ hunger for ever increasing market share. They have adopted two strategies which generate potentially the ideal nearly new vehicle. Firstly, they have just registered cars and parked them with dealers marked at a reduced price ready for sale.Secondly, the last fifteen years has seen tremendous growth in the rental and contract hire market. Again this has enabled the manufacturer by tempting large national fleets with terms not available to the general public, to take large numbers of cars and vans onto their fleets.So now a large number of quality vehicles, all with balance of manufacturers warranty and nearly all with full service history, have arrived in the used car market. Who has seized the advantage this has offered? The used car supermarket. Over the last few years, as happened in food retailing with the corner shop, used car retailing has seen the demise of the small independent used car and van dealer and the arrival of the Used Car Supermarket .So what has changed? For the vehicle buyer nothing much! The growth of the Used Car Supermarket hasn’t made car buying easier or cheaper.The retail operations have got bigger but you still have to traipse around maybe fewer dealers, but visit them you will still have to do. Money saving? Questionable… the supply chain still remains too long. Car buying help? Not much. Car buying stress? Probably for most people- ask yourself, do you enjoy it? Cars at cost? Definitely not. Car buying negotiations? Could take up a lot of time, but if you buy with me you just pay me a fee – see my way for you to buy, below. MY WAY FOR YOU TO GET A FIXED PRICE CAR – THE PRICE I PAY !What if you could buy your car or van from the source the used car dealer, or car supermarket buys from, and at the price they pay!Well now I have made this possible. I am the one who makes it shorter.You actually don’t need to go anywhere nor do you need to try and negotiate the best deal! You save time, and if you don’t like car buying negotiations, you’ll save some car buying stress too.How can I do this? It’s very straightforward. Since 1987 my vehicle rental company has been sourcing vehicles for its own fleet of cars and vans. So…..GET A FIXED PRICE CAR AT A GREAT PRICE.I can now give you access to my wholesale supply. I put you in the drivers seat ! No sales pressure, no car buying negotiation…. you just pay the very best trade price and I charge you a brokerage fee. If you like, it’s the fee you pay for professional advice, just like paying a solicitor.It’s getting you a fixed price car, at a great price. Or, a car at cost price, my cost price, plus my brokerage fee. Straightforward car buying help.