Long term car hire UK. Save money when you get a more luxurious car with long term car hire in the U.K.

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Advantage 1 of Long Term Car Hire  

 Save money

 The first and the foremost advantage of going for long term car hire is the budget. You could save a big amount of money by getting cars on a long term car hire UK contract. It is better than the option of buying a brand-new car, or even buying a second hand car. In your long term car hire U.K. contract you could get a new car! You don’t have to pay any lump sum of money just a £500 deposit  by debit/credit card. You have to pay the first monthly charge upon collection, then 30 days later the next. Subsequent payments will be taken from your card .This way, you maintain a complete record of the total expenditures, if you need to.

 Advantage 2 of Long Term Car Hire  

 A more prestigious car

 The second advantage is that you could get high class cars, while paying less. For example, in a Volvo contract hire or lease, you could lay hands on some of Volvo’s best cars. And so with other prestige brands. The same could be done for any of the cars or commercial vehicles we list. The best part about these contracts is that after 6 months, in most of our contracts, you just return the car to us. The depreciation on these luxurious cars can be substantial; which means that you still have to pay less than what you might have paid, if you had purchased the car.

Advantage 3 of Long Term Car Hire

 Maybe no maintenance charges

 You could also save money by opting to change the car at the end of the six month long term car hire U.K. contract to a different vehicle. Modern cars have long service intervals so you may not have to pay for the monthly maintenance of the cars either.


 Advantage 4 of Long Term Car Hire

 Potential considerable tax savings

 In addition, there are other advantages of having an effective and cheap long term car hire U.K. contract, rather than paying for purchase of a car. Think of the tax position. People who would prefer not to pay more tax could save a huge chunk off the amount from the annual tax that they pay, during the use of the vehicle. This could help a company operate vehicles on a low and fixed budget. The contracts we offer are long term car rental U.K. agreements, which are usually 100 % tax deductible. Key points are you don’t own the vehicle and it’s not on your balance sheet. Check this with your accountant if you haven’t thought of it before.

 User ship without ownership

Personal car leasing enables people to get the services of a vehicle. The person uses it as if it were theirs. You have user ship without ownership. What could be better!

 Ten vehicles, or one?

Whether a business user needs ten cars for a business project, or its employees, or whether an individual needs just one vehicle for their own use, all you need to do is take out a long term car hire UK contract from hiremorecar. The vehicles we offer range from luxurious Volvo 4x4’s to economical Toyotas.

Year after year, for years, long term car hire UK contracts have been the biggest growing sector in the British automotive industry.

There are a wide range of cars to choose from. It is this factor that makes it possible for our customers to choose this type of hire since they get the type of car they have always wanted, but at a cheaper long term cost, since they are not purchasing but hiring. Different cars have different hiring hire values, and as a result you are able to choose that vehicle that best suits your needs.

 Other hiring/acquiring options

Apart from the personal contracts for individuals and companies we offer as discussed, we offer other hiring/acquiring options. These options include:

Personal long term car hire has made life easier for individuals and companies alike. Customers can drive vehicles which they do not have to service, maintain, or buy. 

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P.S. Long term cost and potential tax saving applies to our long term van rental U.K. contracts too!  Ask us about vans!