Car Warranties

What you don’t want is one of those warranties that are like the old bank managers’ philosophy of only lending you an umbrella when the sun is shining. In other words a warranty that looks great until you claim.

Nearly all our vehicles have balance of manufacturer warranty. This means all you need to do in the event of a problem is just go to your vehicle’s local main dealer.

The dealer will be pleased to see you Under EU regulations a franchised main dealer will be delighted to attend to any problems covered by the manufacturers warranty completely free of charge. The main dealer will be pleased to undertake any work covered by the warranty, because the payment he receives from the manufacturer is often the same as if you were paying full rate for the job.

Top up your warranty Of course if you choose a vehicle from us which is for example, two years old there will only be the balance of manufacturers warranty and this could be a year or less. To enable you to top this up with an extra year or more we offer U.K. car warranties which you can purchase at extra cost. The U.K. car warranties we offer have national coverage. Any required repairs are undertaken by National Auto Centres.

Detailed terms and conditions of any of our U.K. car warranties are available from us on request.

Naturally your main concern in having a U.K. vehicle warranty is the peace of mind it will give you. But also very important is that it is a significant step towards accurately budgeting the cost of your motoring.

The ideal situation is to acquire your vehicle, determine how long you will keep it, and have it covered by balance of manufacturers warranty - topped up with additional U.K.vehicle warranty extending cover until you propose to dispose of it. The cost to you of operating the vehicle will be in the main Servicing, Tyres and Exhaust. Other major components being in the main covered by the warranty.

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